Love Unconditional

Family. We’re a messy lot. Some of us are louder than others. More than a handful would rather be alone than together. Introverts and extroverts. Put them together and there is bound to be combustion of some sort. Not to mention the differing of political and religious opinions each and every one of us has. But somehow we all keep the peace for the most part.

But not like when Evan was in the room. He had a way with us all.

He never asked any of us what our stance was on abortion. He didn’t really care what church anyone attended. Unless he heard you were going; then he wanted to go with you. He was probably the only one who begged to go to church every single Sunday right up until the last day he was able to request it. He didn’t care who you voted for in the last or any upcoming election. He didn’t want to know who didn’t agree about the latest congressional hearing.

But he loved. Just like Jesus loved.

There’s an Edgar Allan Poe poem that reads “But we loved with a love that was more than love —” (Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe); that always stuck with me. Don’t we all want to be loved like that. That’s how Evan loved.

Evan never called someone out on their wrong in public (except his brothers). He never scolded them on social media. He never only associated with those who held his beliefs. He did not care what they believed to be their friend. Occasionally, he would tell me privately, “No,” when I asked if he wanted to be with someone again. That’s the only way I would know something was amiss. He never hated them publicly.

He still gave grace. Just as our God gives grace and forgiveness.

Evan did not care if you were the president of a corporation or the custodian of the same one. He didn’t want to know if you were the chief of surgery or the patient tech on a first day. He only wanted to know what you had in common with him. And there was almost always at least one thing. Evan would seek it out.

Evan sought you out. Just like the Father seeks you.

We have often been told, and now more than ever, that we loved Evan so well, we gave him a full life. If you knew, really knew Evan, then you know this is the wrong way around. Evan loved us so well. Evan gave us the full life.

Have you ever been loved so unconditionally, so effortlessly, you didn’t even know it until it was gone? A love that was more than love: that was Evan.

Favorite Song Today: Casting Crowns // Only Jesus

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