#FashionDoesntTakeADayOff Even At Christmas

She hates Christmas sweater season.

It’s true. Fashion Doesn’t take a day off, even at Christmas. I am writing this to you in my fashionable Nike shorts and Goodwill find jacket I wear in the house, because I like chilly indoors. Don’t bring this up with my family. My hot and then cold isn’t so much Katy Perry problems, just living life with the old lady.

Like all old ladies, I keep telling myself, “Where is the time going?” It’s practically Christmas Day. We’ve spent the last week dealing with sickness in our house. I am not gonna lie, the PTSD force is strong here. We walked into that Urgent Care for the first time since pediatric cancer and praised Jesus for the ability to walk out with a diagnosis of three things and an antibiotic script. In the old days I would have been whining about this stuff. Well, maybe I still whined a little.

Even though illness has eaten up the week I have got to get back to Christmas shopping for the family. You? I’ve got a few of my favorites for you.

I’ve been reading Ann Voscamp’s 1000 Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. It’s a challenge to start writing out the thankful things in the everyday life. It’s been so good for me to get my head out of the hard places. When my mind starts to wander, I remember to thank God for something, anything. It’s a habit. I like this habit.

Ann Voskamp put a video on Instagram of her daughter driving a tractor. She said, I’m paraphrasing, we don’t need more women teaching us how to do hair. We need more women doing hard things in life. Well, I for one know not one person wants a live video of me doing my hair or makeup. I’ve learned to never say never, but let’s say probably never will I do a live video of my wrinkled, unmakeup-ed face for the masses, or two, followers.

What hard thing are you doing? Well, I can’t drive a tractor. I can drive a stick shift. I can unclog a toilet like no one else in my family. This doesn’t seem like much. But when you see that nasty brown water rising to the top of the porcelain thrown, who you gonna call? Suddenly, this is a much needed skill. And I have it mastered. I promise no IG live videos of me unclogging toilets.

Having fun is never a failure.

Back to Christmas shopping.

You may not see me doing hair and makeup tutorials, but seriously, how did I walk out the door before them? Women of a certain age: if you know, you know; if you don’t, you aren’t there yet; glitter eye shadow is not our friend. IT cosmetics knows this and has made the best eyeshadows. This Naturally Pretty Matte palette is my favorite. I ditched all but the IT and this Mac eyeshadow in Embark. So freeing. And no glitter running down my cheeks because crying is still an issue some, fine, all of the days.

And hair tutorials, I will not be giving them. But, they are saving you all from seeing me looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket. Raise your praise hands now. I upgraded. Old lady hair is no joke. I started using a new hair system and yes, watched a tutorial. I lean towards being a realist, so I wasn’t expecting huge results. I got huge results. My Razorback started commenting on my hair, good things, not the how many days will I be using dry shampoo? things. I’m using the curl system. There are all kinds of sales going on now, so don’t let the retail prices scare you. Here’s a code for $20 off. Let me know what questions you have.

It’s no secret, our family loves Goodwill. I found a great pair of new Mahabi slippers there. I had been eyeing these online for a while, but could not make the jump because, dang, they are pricey. Thank you, Goodwill. They are amazing because you can where them indoors or out and then take the bottoms off if you happen to step in something gooey when outside. Let’s be honest, if you are us, this could happen inside, as well. For whatever reason, Mahabi has changed their style and they no longer make the removable bottom. I found this pair by Dualyz on Amazon that looks exactly like my Mahabis. And they are pretty reasonably priced compared to Mahabies.

Our kids love the phones, tablets, and videos games, no doubt. Who are we kidding, we are online right now, too. (I’m working on getting rid of Twitter. They’re just so crabby over there. Hold me to this, okay?) But, another resale/Goodwill find led us to that oldie but goodie, Lincoln Logs. My guy cannot get enough of building, lately. Back to Ann Voskamp’s doing hard things: I cannot do Lincoln Logs. But, this is exactly why God says there should be a mother and a father. Dad excels at building with Lincoln Logs. These Lincoln Logs made it on the Christmas Wish List for a new set this year.

My friends who learn differently, gifts are so hard, right? My friend, Sandra Peoples, put out a great guide if you need guidance buying gifts for a loved one with special needs. My family is all over the map when it comes to the ways we learn. This Sightword Fishing Game was requested by my child (among a whole long list of other uneducational things). What a great way for my little fisherman to learn. Fingers crossed.

Do you buy sheets for yourself? I just can’t do it. It’s like buying tires. So on the Christmas wishlist they go. You know you’re old when you ask for sheets for Christmas. Amazon has great deals on sheets. I did not know this and made the mistake of going to a local discount store once. Yikes. Don’t do what Stephanie did. Buy on Amazon. I love all cotton like these king Size Mayfair Linen that come in oodles of colors (Here’s the Queen size link.). But you can find cheaper if you don’t mind a blend of materials like these in microfiber queen size or king size. Don’t be like Stephanie. Buy Amazon sheets for Christmas.

Stocking stuffers are some of our favorite things. I love Indigo Wild chapstick and soaps. They are a KCMO company. When I was a kid my mom said she had to make my brother use soap when showering. I did not understand this. Then I had boys. “Why do I have to shower? I don’t stink.” I am not above bribing with things like the occasional bath bomb with toy or color changing water. I think these are cheaper at Wal-Mart. But do you really want to go in Wal-Mart during the holiday season?

I’m not gonna lie, Christmas is hard now. But so are Tuesdays. Our new way of life has shown us that all this stuff is just a way to give to the people we hold even more dear than ever before. I heard Pastor Mark Batterson say, “Wise men come bearing gifts.” Dang. This hasn’t always been me. I’m working on being a wise man. Some days (most) I’m still holding true to the one for you/one for me buying rule. But, I always have been a work in progress.

My favorite Christmas song: Michael Bublé // All I Want For Christmas

Here’s the links all in one place. Just click on the words and you will go directly to the page.

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