Friend, Your Sins Are Forgiven

You probably know the Bible story about Jesus healing the paralytic (Luke 5:17-26). A lot of us families who have disability within hang our hats on that one. It isn’t the faith of the man in this story that brings him healing. It is the faith of his friends. Friends, we need you so much. We need our friends to carry our burdens, carry our needs to God. And, some days we need our friends to physically carry us.

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Do you ever wonder what happened to the guy who Jesus healed?

Jesus told him to take that mat of his and go home. Put it away. We know this show of healing was for the Pharisees and scribes. But, you gotta think the healed man was jumpin’ for joy and telling more than a few people about this man, Jesus.

I recently heard Sandee Hedger speak on these verses. She reminded us that Jesus’ main point was not the healing. The point he was making was for everyone to pay attention. Pay attention, he is forgiving sins.

I so badly want to pay attention to the healing.

What holds my gaze when healing in this life doesn’t come?

“Friend, your sins are forgiven.”

Luke 5:20

Jesus said it first, before the healing. This is of far greater need than any physical healing he can display. Forgiveness.

Physical healing isn’t always going to be the answer for everyone of us. Days here on earth can end in sorrow. Grief can be unrelenting. I want you to know there is great joy to be found knowing that Jesus forgives. He forgives and holds a place for those who believe in him.

What he wants us to see here in the midst of the miracle is that he is the miracle. He is the only one who can forgive.

Some of us will get to tell great stories of miraculous healings. We will celebrate with you what it looks like to to be that man who will, “take up your mat and go home.” But, if you are waiting, maybe for a friend to carry you for a little while, but there’s no one knocking down the door to help with laundry let alone to drag you on your mat. Set your sights on what Jesus has already done. Friend, your sins are forgiven.

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