Friend, Your Sins Are Forgiven

You probably know the Bible story about Jesus healing the paralytic (Luke 5:17-26). A lot of us families who have disability within hang our hats on that one. It isn't the faith of the man in this story that brings him healing. It is the faith of his friends. Friends, we need you so much. … Continue reading Friend, Your Sins Are Forgiven

God is Making All Things New

There are days I wonder what the heck God is doing. Why, God? Why do some days have to hurt so stinkin’ much? Then I remember, God is making all things new. Photo by Mateusz Dach on And he who was seated on the throne said, "Behold, I am making all things new." Also … Continue reading God is Making All Things New

I Thought The Grief Would Be Over By Now

I thought grief would be over by now. I assumed every memory would turn to a dull pain. Not this still sharp gut punch that leads to the ugly cry in the car or random bathroom stall. I thought I could handle the laughter and joyful remembrances without sucking air wishing for his presence to … Continue reading I Thought The Grief Would Be Over By Now