Wearing Love

I started praying through the Fruits of the Spirit, recently. I can't get past love. If you aren't familiar with all of the Fruits on the list love is the first one. I can't get past the first one, friends. I mean, it isn't like it's a competition or once you've prayed through them all … Continue reading Wearing Love

Being Salt and Light

You remember that place you love to go eat that has the great food and lighting? Maybe it's a fancy restaurant you only go to once a year on a special day. Or maybe you went only once, it was so special. Maybe it's mom and dad's or grandma's home; there is good food passed … Continue reading Being Salt and Light

I Thought The Grief Would Be Over By Now

I thought grief would be over by now. I assumed every memory would turn to a dull pain. Not this still sharp gut punch that leads to the ugly cry in the car or random bathroom stall. I thought I could handle the laughter and joyful remembrances without sucking air wishing for his presence to … Continue reading I Thought The Grief Would Be Over By Now