One Word Conference for 2021

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Have you ever chosen One Word for the coming year? This year I’m joining 20 other speakers in the One Word 2021 virtual conference. We have all chosen one word to represent the coming year. I am so excited to bring this opportunity to you.

In doing this conference that meant I had to choose One Word. How am I going to remember one word all year long, friends! There are days I have forgotten to pick up my own child from the school pick up. True story.

I prayed. Of course, God gave me a word I would not forget, I should not forget. I need this everyday. I need Him everyday.


Christ is the only thing I need to remember to get me through each day. Even on the days I forget my own child, Heaven help. What word would you choose?

My friend, and author and speaker, Sandra Peoples has put together an exciting lineup of presenters for the One Word Conference for 2021. Here are the details to purchase your ticket and receive $3 off! Don’t forget to use promo code “Stef” for your discount.

$12 Tickets with Promo Code for access to all the conference videos

  1. Click the “Purchase Ticket” button
  2. Click “Buy All $15”
  3. Enter Promo Code “Stef” and receive $3 off!
  4. Date: Dec 28 – Jan. 1
  5. Tickets on sale NOW:

This online conference will include my session, along with 20 more incredible speakers. Some you may be familiar with if you follow me and you may find some new favorites here too. I know I have!

You’ll be encouraged to pick your own word for the new year. We will pray together for what this new year has in store as we seek Christ and His plan and glory.

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