Finding Joy in the Mundane

A friend asked me how my family was doing. I said all was status quo, nothing exciting, no ups, no downs. We haven’t had any bad days or really exciting things to report. Today was just … today. Sounds kindof boring to the outsider. But actually, we have so much joy in the mundane.

There was a time you would find us at the soccer fields with one of our boys. Occasionally, it could feel like all day, every day. Oh wait, it was all day on some of those days. Believe me, we loved every minute of it. What a joy it is to watch our kids excel at something they love. He’s moved on to new things in life and now we find ourselves with more time at home. It’s one of those seasons in life when this is a good thing.

Home, Sweet, Home

Evan, our son who does better with routine, thrives when he is in his familiar surroundings. Being at home so often sounds boring to some. But honestly, I feel good where things are predictable and I know I am loved and secure too.

In this day and age every day feels like an Instagram picture or Facebook post needs to be updated with the latest couples vacation or special family outing. I don’t have much that’s new for my ‘Friends’ in social media. These final yIMG_4310 - Version 2ears of Evan’s schooling are filled with life skills classes, not sports, music and plays or Homecoming dance pictures. These don’t always make for great social media updates. Not everyone understands this basic kindof life that’s being taught. So our social media feeds can look semi-dull to the outside world. But we find joy and excitement in watching the little things Evan is learning. No matter the pace.

Sometimes there is pity for this quiet life. We’ve heard said to us and others, “I’m sorry for how your life turned out.” and “Don’t they get to go anywhere? I feel sorry for them?”. It’s difficult to hear pity when I don’t feel particularly ‘pitiful’. You see, I’ve found joy in the mundane.

There is often laughter over the smallest things in our house. There is no one we would rather be with than each other on a Friday night, or any night. Playing Evan’s simple version of tag or chasing chickens in the front yard is better than any professional sport seen in person. There is joy in this mostly home bound life.

Joy isn’t always my default setting. It’s a choice. Some days it can be harder than others. Believe me, there’s a heck of a lot of days I’m prayin’ “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Please don’t ask how many times a day I pray this prayer. Just because the going gets tough doesn’t mean we can’t have joy in the tough stuff, right? And it can be a slippery slope falling into the ‘if only’s’ of this world. But in the end I try put on my big girl pants. (Also, don’t ask the size of my big girl pants. This is a sensitive subject.) It doesn’t do anyone any good to choose something other than joy.

What is the source of my joy, you ask? How can I have joy when others are finding reasons for pity? This. This is the author of my joy in the mundane. And I pray he fills you with this same joy as you trust him …

Romans 12:13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

This TobyMac song makes my day better every time I hear it:

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