Reading The One Year Bible with Me

Have you ever read the bible in one year? I’m talking the whole bible in one year, have you read it all? Some of you are thinking, “Yes, of course, who hasn’t?” And then there is me. “Um, no. Have you read Leviticus?”

Leviticus alone is proof to why we need Jesus. Yuck, snooze, they had to do what?, and more yuck. God would have struck me down on day one. Me with tattoos and mixed material clothing (think at least 2% spandex), I would not have done well with so many steps to follow … and animals to gut. Hence, I did not make it through The One Year Bible last year.

But THIS is my year, friends. I am ahead of the game. I’m ahead on the calendar. Sshhh, those of you who know I started where I left off last year. Yes, in Leviticus. This is unnecessary information. I am ahead and now past Leviticus. I’m not gonna lie, there are days I get behind and have to catch up the next by reading two days, or more, to get back on track.

It started as a discipline. And it has become a joy. I get excited to see what will be used to build Solomon’s temple. I want to know what today’s Psalm holds. And when it seems familiar I look it up in my own bible only to find it highlighted and marked with memories. And Proverbs speaks to my basic, tell it like it is, self. I want to hear God speak each day.

Did you know there are stories in the Bible you will never, I’m talking never, hear the preacher give a sermon on in church? Yes, my sensitive children, there are some, dare-I-say, R-rated things in there. You want drama? Head over to the Old Testament. When dealing with numerous wives and concubines (Who thought that was a good idea?) there will be drama. And it’s not gonna be PG. Read the Bible to get the good stuff.

So. If you want to get in on this action packed Bible in One Year with me, I think you can jump in with six month plans. And if you do this you will be my bible reading hero. Or we can do it again together next year.

What I’m Listening To: Tom Petty || Cry to Me

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