What Does Worship Look Like?

What does worship look like for you? It’s different for everyone. It shouldn’t be the same for each person. So why do a lot of us look the same when we do worship? What should worship look like?

Worship for me was turned upside down when I found myself on the floor a few times in tears, literally. Pain, heartache, changes worship. Praising God for who he is and not what he does for us makes it come straight from the gut. Maybe that’s what God wanted all along from me, worship from the deep.

Ed Stetzer posted a video clip on Twitter and asked of it, ‘secular band in the park or trendy church worship band?’ One of the responding comments read: due to all the unmoving people standing around it was definitely a church worship service. Ouch.

I’ve seen Tom Petty in concert more times than I can remember. And I lose my mind when Collective Soul comes to town. You can find me near the front acting like a middle aged moron. But, church? I am embarrassed to say lately I am one of the people who look a little like a bored statue.

You know when that favorite worship song comes on the car radio? Who are you when that song comes on?

Do you raise one hand, risk both hands off the wheel for a second or two, to the sky while trying to sing along?

Maybe you know every single word and you harmonize so beautifully you don’t know why they haven’t asked you to sing with the church praise band. Or sometimes it’s a new song that hits you right where you live, you only know half of the words, but you know God knows what you are trying to say. You recite that bible verse about this being one of those times the Holy Spirit will interpret and use the groanings that only God knows to get your meaning. You know it just doesn’t matter what words are said, you are worshipping with your whole heart.

Or are you crying through every word? Are the tears running so hard and fast you debate changing the station to 80’s hard rock or that bad country song you just passed up? Do you raise your hands to God in worship even though that song stings with truth?

You just rode in the car with me. I am all of these things.

I can worship like nobody ever has in my car. But in church, what happens?

There is a young person I know who worships with joy. I want to stand near this person in church because that joy of worship makes me want to worship better. But this person knows the same Jesus I know. I just need to bring my car worship to church.

My worship is going to look different than your worship. Today yours may be joyful and mine may be tearful. Your worship may be a both hands on the steering wheel kind of worship, mine may be a one hand on, one off. Lookout, someone else may come with both hands off the wheel. Come stand with me, let’s figure it out together.

Psalm 150:6 “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”

Current Favorite Worship Song: Rend Collective // Joy of the Lord

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4 thoughts on “What Does Worship Look Like?

  1. I loved this!!❤️❤️ It is so true for me, too. I’m a great vocalist in the car(you know I can’t sing, my granddaughter says don’t sing ,Nana😢). I wish I could worship as my heart tells me to instead of being concerned about what others might think. Thanks for sharing!

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